Make your meetings engaging and delightful, effortlessly

Stimulate conversation in standups, retrospectives, and more

Prompting your team and getting zero engagement sucks. Use the discussion feature to poll everyone for their opinions and voice their thoughts. Then seed the discussion with their responses.

Run Q&A sessions with questions sourced from your team

Remote team meetings can get us all down. One person speaks, and everyone else just "listens". Source questions from your team and let everyone vote on the ones that matter.

Create gamified unwind and ice-breaker sessions

Remote fatigue gets everyone down. Shake up sessions by creating spontaneity and delight. Use our quiz templates or create your own to generate excitement. Make 5 minutes of each meeting a little more enjoyable; or make training more engaging.

Engaging reactions

Let everyone express themselves in a delightful way. Eliminate the feeling of speaking to the void, and clearly see raised hands.

Inspired poll discussions

Spark spontaneity and conversation in your daily stand-ups, retrospectives, problem mapping sessions, and more.

Gamified quiz discussions

Whether you're running training sessions or want to break the ice in a fun way, use our quiz templates or create your own excitement.

Realtime Q&A and voting

Run a team or company wide questions and answers session by sourcing questions and votes of interest from everyone.

Immediate feedback

Gather real-time ratings and comments on your session quickly and easily. Give the room a voice, and gain insights to improve.

Template library

Leverage our template library that contains productivity tools, fun remote sessions, Q&A ideas, and tools to get your team bonding.

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"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."

– Henry Ford

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